James Ross manages an experienced and professional team of contractors, to develop and maintain each of our garden designs, offering our clients a full circle approach from concept to completion. This allows the design process to flow through from start to finish and is important for quality control. 


JRLD understands the investment our clients make when developing a garden. Quality workmanship with an eye for detail is essential in achieving a designer finish.
Detailed estimated timelines are produced and communicated to our clients and other trades for the length of the project. Professional structural and horticultural practices are provided throughout the build process, ensuring the best garden results are achieved for years to come.


WE LOVE PLANTS!…..JRLD is passionate about plants and planting design, we believe plants are the most important part of any well designed garden. Plants transform the garden, anchor the landscape and connect our souls to nature. Sourcing and installing the right plants from our range of industry suppliers is what we do best. Attention to detail is given with soil profile preparation and plants installation. Onsite designer plant placement and plant health checks by James Ross is an important part of the planting design and install process. 


JRLD can manage the horticultural requirements of all our finished designed gardens. Correct horticultural methods for successful plant growth are an important part of any well designed garden. It protects our clients investment after the design and install process, and ensures plant health is at a high level which increases lifespan and the overall look and feel of the garden. Monitoring watering and irrigation requirements, weed spraying and prevention, pest and fungus control as the garden establishes, are all important steps that should be considered.